You may not know it, but your customer is telling you: “Light my fire. Tell me a new story. Take me on a new journey.” Any new business project should therefore begin at the intersection of imagination and intuition.

We inspire clients to believe in their strengths, to listen to their hearts, and to dream big. A compelling vision not only captures the customer's dollar, it also invites your team to deliver something truly great. What do you need to build?

Thank you for your wonderful seminar presentation. Many attendees went out of their way to say how much they enjoyed it. I thought it was a huge success.

Takahiro Kondo
Senior Manager
Toyota Industries Corp.

OK, it's time to roll up your sleeves and figure out how to make a grand plan (square peg) fit into your time, people, and budget requirements (round hole). We work with clients as facilitators and guides, collaboratively generating ideas and working through roadblocks.

We share our expertise in holistic business system design, linking together front line unit (sales, production, operations) requirements with support unit (finance, IT, marketing) skills and functions.

Each organization has unique strengths; we seek to leverage what your team brings to the table, cultivating ownership of the project along the way.

With so many candidates, we were getting overwhelmed. Karl worked with us to remake the whole process. Now, task-based software lets us manage everything smoothly.

Graeme Parker
HR Manager
English Adventure

Great solutions efficiently meet project requirements—that's a given. But we are not satisfied with compliance. To achieve excellence in implementation means getting down to the details with every project stakeholder, especially end users.

We listen. We observe. We draft ideas. We get feedback. We refine. And we do this before the requirements are finalized, so we can anticipate problems and smoothly deliver a solution that works for everyone involved.

After your project goes live, we're there with guidance and support to get your team off to their best performance.

Our team didn't have a lot of technical expertise, so it was a real challenge to build software that captured everything we needed—especially in three languages. Karl led us through the process gently and efficiently.

Dan Cox
Sherpa KK, operator of
Naeba Snow School

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